SBA Loan Guarantee Programs

Because of our experience with government sources of financing we can package your loan as a government backed loan. Government loan guarantees are available from Federal, State, City and Local government sources. A government loan guarantee is a perfect fit for businesses that are startups or have a thin cash flow and asset base. A lender relies on being able to liquidate assets or other forms of cash to recover a loan if a business cannot repay the loan. If the business has no assets or other forms of cash the lender is out of luck in recovering the loan. The loan guarantee ensures that if a business defaults on its loan the bank will recover at least 80% of the loan because that is the percentage guaranteed by the government loan guarantee. This assurance provides a sufficient comfort level to lenders when making a high-risk loan. Loan guarantees are available from the U.S. Small Business Administration, State of California and from various cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. Consulting Link2000 can assist your business in getting a government loan guarantee.